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There are many reasons a woman decides to model for or We’ve heard just about all of them. Some women do it because they’re exhibitionists. Others do it to please their hubby or momentous other. Some do it out of curiosity. Some do it because they just got divorced and want to turn… Read Article →

“What do you want to do?” Morgan Monroe says as she strokes her lovers penis as they lie in bed. What does any guy want to do when a hot MILF over 40 like Morgan is playing with his cock through his undershorts? He wants to fuck her, of course! “I can not wait to… Read Article →

When this sequence opens, Cassidy looks like a rich lady in her classy white top and trousers, jewelry and fur coat, but the truth is… well, we’ll let this short ‘n’ stacked, 50-year-old divorcee reveal her true self in this hot milf anal threesome video. “Hey, baby, are you gonna make me horny and soaking?… Read Article →

In her another porn scene at 40SomethingMag, Jenna Bouche, who’s 44-year-old milf, continues to show that patience is gold. In her debut video, she tugged a guy’s dick and had him shoot his jizz all over her big round breasts. Would this hot blonde housewive take it further? She answered that in the comments area… Read Article →

Tahnee Taylor, a 47-year-old divorcee from San Diego, California, isn’t exactly new to 40SomethingMag. Yep, you have seen that hot face and those fat, big natural breasts before. Yep, you’ve previously set your eyes on her charming asshole and sugar cunt. Three years ago, you discovered her here as Liana. She rang herself “a lady… Read Article →

The interview is over, and 47-year-old mature milf divorcee Tahnee Taylor is ready for action! The hombre she’s with is 25 yrs old, and Tahnee right away accepts on the challenge of getting his monstrous penis into her mouth. She succeeds and even lets him fuck her mouth. The more she sucks, the deeper she… Read Article →

  “I’m more open to other things that I would have not considered when I was younger, like the anal and swinging,” stated Lydia South, who’s 50, hooked up and has four children at flat. “Now I’ll try simply about everything.” Like drilling in front of the film, something Lydia has done doubly before here… Read Article →

It’s time to get to know Jackie Pierson, a 53-year-old divorcee from New Jersey who says the people who acknowledged her would be shocked to watch her here. she is shocked that she is here! “My lover and I were taking pics one day, simply clowning around,” Jackie recalled. “We were in bathing suits and… Read Article →

Here’s a treat for all of us: Bea Cummings, 67 yrs old and one of the most popular ladies over at, returns to display off her fabulous MILF body without any bloke-parts getting in the way. Bea, who’s hooked up and lives in Kentucky, is beautiful in many ways (her body, her face), but… Read Article →

Bella, a 41-year-old Puerto Rican housewife now living in Florida, speaks to us in Spanish at the start of this video, then interprets for us. “I want you to give me all you’ve,” she says. “I want you to display me that you truly, truly like me.” But the balls, so to speak, are in… Read Article →

If you contacted Marina Johnson, a 49-year-old housewife from Tampa, Miami, you’d think she was a classy northern belle with a subtle sexuality. massive breasts, yeah, but she does not thrust them in your face. Not generally, that’s.“I recently had sex at a swingers club,” she told with her saucy northern accent. “I gave my… Read Article →

We’re going ebony-on-blonde with Andi Roxx, a sweet, soft-spoken graphic designer from Vancouver, Washington whose naughty side does not emerge until the action begins to hotness up. Andi, a small package of sexiness at 5’3″, 114 fucks, gets positively overpowered by Lucas and his massive penis in this gorgeous episode. “I think I’d rather be… Read Article →

Lydia South was born on August 25, 1960. Ivan, the man banging her in this video, was born on November 17, 1990. That’s a 30-year age difference. And Lydia, a at one time-divorced, now-hooked up mother of four from Texas, is really obviously alright with that. Now, here’s something to look out for in this… Read Article →

For yrs, Bea Cummins was stuck in a bad wedding and had a lousy sex life. Now in her late 60s, Bea is remarried to a dude who allows her the sexual freedom she always longed for. Her cunt has come alive, and she is getting more penis than ever. No surprise, there. Bea, who… Read Article →

Tracy Tello, a 50-year-old divorcee from Cleveland, Ohio, returns for an ass-drilling in her 40 Something Magazine encore. Our fellow Sergio truly gives Tracy‘s asshole a working over. Check out flick no. 42, in which his meat stick seems to be turning Tracy‘s asshole within-out. No wonder Tracy‘s spreading her vagina to ease the pressure…. Read Article →

Jeri lives in a little city in rural north Carolina. It’s a conservative city where everybody knows everybody else’s business, families go to church on Sunday morning and people live by a really strict moral code. In other words, it’s a city that can not contain a lady like Jeri, whose sexuality is always out… Read Article →

Bella Ricardo, a horny 40something Latina who was born in Puerto Rico and now lives in Miami, makes her 40Something debut by making with J-Mac’s huge dong. she is a small one at simply 5’2″ tall, but she handles everything J-Mac could give her, including his balls and dong in her mouth during a face-screwing,… Read Article →

One time, sexy blonde milf Sindy hosted a swingers party and just males emerged. Of course, just males were invited. “It turned into my 1st group drill,” she stated. “But not my last.” That’s not a wish. It’s a fact, and Sindy is planning on a future with many more group screws. “Part of the… Read Article →

“It is gracious accepting some attention gave to my big round ass for a switch rather than my huge mature boobs,” Mishka Lee said to us later on this episode, “Not that I do not luv accepting my boobs drilled. I do! only getting it in the ass is something new and other.” New? other?… Read Article →

You know the expression that a individual does not know what they are truly capable of until they as a matter of fact try? Divorcee Robyn, a 44-year-old Brit, learned what she could truly do, just it took a hubby with a taste for younger women for her to learn that lesson. “Adam took cash… Read Article →

Note to guys everywhere: whenever your lustful housewife is flat only, seating around waiting for you and all put up up in lustful lingerie, aching to have her snatch shoved with dick, don’t STAND HER UP. don’t CALL HER WITH SOME BULLSHIT EXCUSE just about WORKING LATE. particularly whenever she is a passionate-blooded Latina like… Read Article →

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