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  “Not long ago I got divorced and settled into a new way of life, I picked out I’d do whatever I please, and one of the 1st things was to model for these pics,” stated Kira Lynn, who also could be seen banging at 40Something. “Women my age aren’t supposed to do this sort… Read Article →

“I celebrated my 40th anniversary by having a threesome,” stated Blake James, a doubly-divorced, sexed-up hair stylist from Arizona who simply can not get enough dick or cunt. “she is 28. He’s 27. Dinner, cocktails, and then we attended the xxx vibrator shop and bought a double-dong. And then we screwed!” There’s cunt and then… Read Article →

When it comes to sexual fantasies, Becca Rose‘s bucket list is simply about empty. “I have lived them all,” she told. “When I masturbate, I recall pics from my past encounters. I’m more into fulfilling the fantasies of others than pursuing my personal.” But there was one fantasy she hadn’t lived out until now. A… Read Article →

  There are many sides of mature women, which is one of the reasons we luv them. They can not be pigeonholed (although they could be banged in their bang holes). One day, they might be banging and sucking a ebony bloke with a lenghty, heavy penis, as Luna did in the premiere issue of… Read Article →

  “The 1st time I had sex, it was New Year’s Eve in a treehouse,” stated Blair Sanders, a 49-year old divorcee who was born in New York and now lives in north Miami. “The second time I had sex? Don’t remember. But I’ll always remember this. I’ve been wanting to do it for a… Read Article →

  There’s a good reason Pepper Payne chose to take the plunge and model for 40Something. “I’m an exhibitionist,” she told. “I luv being watched.” you are able to watch Pepper here, then you are able to watch her making her 1st hardcore episode and getting ass-screwed in the new DVD penetrate My Old Ass… Read Article →

40SOMETHING: Hi, Carolyn. Welcome to 40Something. It’s awesome to have you here. Now, don’t drop a shoe at me, but I’m going to ask you the question women hate: How old are you? CAROLYN: I’m 55 yrs old, and I’m proud of my age. 40SOMETHING: You look stunning. You’re beautiful. assure us a small piece… Read Article →

40SOMETHING: Hi, Andi, and welcome to 40Something. How lenghty have you been posing?ANDI: About three, four yrs now.40SOMETHING: How’d you get into it?ANDI: Through a admirer of my significant other. We truly got into it to do it together. His friends were swingers, and it worked for them, and that intrigued me. I stated, “Wow,… Read Article →

It’s time to get to know Jackie Pierson, a 53-year-old divorcee from New Jersey who says the people who acknowledged her would be shocked to watch her here. she is shocked that she is here! “My lover and I were taking pics one day, simply clowning around,” Jackie recalled. “We were in bathing suits and… Read Article →

Here’s a treat for all of us: Bea Cummings, 67 yrs old and one of the most popular ladies over at, returns to display off her fabulous MILF body without any bloke-parts getting in the way. Bea, who’s hooked up and lives in Kentucky, is beautiful in many ways (her body, her face), but… Read Article →

“I’m that lustful, naughty MILF who lives neighbor,” Angelique stated. “The one you catch glimpses of every so often as I go about my business each day.” The one you watch wearing tight skirts that make you think, “I wonder whenever she takes it in the ass?” Yeah, that one. “yeah, I do,” she stated…. Read Article →

Last seen screwing in 40Something #201, Rita Daniels is back for a extraordinary post-XXX solo appearance. Why? Because as MILFs go, they don’t come any sexier. And because Rita recently turned 60, and we guessed this would be a good way to celebrate her anniversary. And because, in all honesty, we never get fed up… Read Article →

In Part 2 of our introduction to Jasmine Fields, a 52-year-old writer from Denver, Colorado, we get to know her personally in a one-on-one interview. The 1st part of this interview is spent talking about a 50-plus-milfs conundrum: whenever a 52-year-old does not look 52 yrs old, could we feature her on this website? You… Read Article →

“I’m 44, and I’m here to have a good time,” stated Cassy Torri, a recent divorcee from New York town (born in Hialeah, Miami). Cassy has one of the hottest bodies we’ve ever seen, and fortunately, she has a dirty mind, too. “My fantasy is to be with two males in a threesome,” she stated,… Read Article →

If you contacted Marina Johnson, a 49-year-old housewife from Tampa, Miami, you’d think she was a classy northern belle with a subtle sexuality. massive breasts, yeah, but she does not thrust them in your face. Not generally, that’s.“I recently had sex at a swingers club,” she told with her saucy northern accent. “I gave my… Read Article →

“I did not know everything about sex before I moved to the United States with my new hubby,” told Rose, who was born in China. Saying she was sexually repressed would be a major understatement. Her hubby said to us, “Rose had never had an orgasm until she came to the U.S. She guessed orgasms… Read Article →

Usually when we interview a model at 40-Something-Magazine, we try to find out all about her. That way, your stroking experience will be more meaningful. But in this interview, we find out all about Sindi Star‘s snatch. Yeah, her snatch. For simply over 24 mins, the conversation ‘tween editor Dave and 43-year-old Sindi is focused… Read Article →

For yrs, Bea Cummins was stuck in a bad wedding and had a lousy sex life. Now in her late 60s, Bea is remarried to a dude who allows her the sexual freedom she always longed for. Her cunt has come alive, and she is getting more penis than ever. No surprise, there. Bea, who… Read Article →

Jeri lives in a little city in rural north Carolina. It’s a conservative city where everybody knows everybody else’s business, families go to church on Sunday morning and people live by a really strict moral code. In other words, it’s a city that can not contain a lady like Jeri, whose sexuality is always out… Read Article →

“My ex-hubby would be really pissed whenever he saw these pictures,” stated Dallas, a tall blonde who’s making her 40Something debut. “He used to be truly against porn mags. He would not even market in stores that sold them. think about whenever he saw that his ex-housewife not just liked them, she was in one,… Read Article →

One time, sexy blonde milf Sindy hosted a swingers party and just males emerged. Of course, just males were invited. “It turned into my 1st group drill,” she stated. “But not my last.” That’s not a wish. It’s a fact, and Sindy is planning on a future with many more group screws. “Part of the… Read Article →

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