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39-year-old Chloe is a sexy milf from UK that loves to show off her amazing body! Her beauty is rare and exotic which combined with her sensual personality makes for an irresistable cougar in stockings!

When this sequence opens, Cassidy looks like a rich lady in her classy white top and trousers, jewelry and fur coat, but the truth is… well, we’ll let this short ‘n’ stacked, 50-year-old divorcee reveal her true self in this hot milf anal threesome video. “Hey, baby, are you gonna make me horny and soaking?… Read Article →

Busty granny Bea Cummins is ready to work that young cock – this hot big breasted older milf in stockings takes that youngster’s penis in her mouth and suck him good… Then she takes it up her tight mature pussy and gets fucked hard. See More of Bea Cummins at 60 PLUS MILFS!

Today, we have a first-timer who loves to fiddle with sperm. The guy shoots his load on her face and in her mouth, and after he does so, she plays with it. She makes jizz bubbles and spoons spunk off her face and into her mouth and drools the mixture of cum and saliva. Her… Read Article →

Tori Dean, a sexy 45-year-old milf divorcee has stopped by her ex-husbands best friend’s house, and he is a bit confused… "I missed you coming over for monopoly and stuff, so I thought I would pay a visit," Tori says. "I have something for you " What does Tori have to show Sam? Well, she… Read Article →

Tori Dean, a sexy 45-year-old milf divorcee has stopped by her ex-husbands best friend’s house, and he is a bit confused… "I missed you coming over for monopoly and stuff, so I thought I would pay a visit," Tori says. "I have something for you " What does Tori have to show Sam? Well, she… Read Article →

“Look what I bought for you baby. Do you like?” Stella Rose says as she shows up at her man’s bedside wearing skimpy, red underwear that covers really small and cute, black stockings. Yes, he likes, especially when she begins jerking his crotch. “I’m so excited right now,” she says. “Grab my titties. I only… Read Article →

What could Lydia Do whilst she is Talking To You? As this interview with Lydia South, a hooked up mother of four from Houston, Texas, progresses, we find out several interesting things about her. “I love water,” she says. And she has D-cup jugs. “My children know where I am and that I’m shooting some… Read Article →

  The Carolyn Khols Story continues here at 50 plus milfs, and here’s how it has gone so far: Chapter 1: 55-year-old flight attendant from Miami walks into our studio and decides to do some naked posing first time in her life. It’s of the solo variety, and she is really nervous. Chapter 2: Having… Read Article →

  “Not long ago I got divorced and settled into a new way of life, I picked out I’d do whatever I please, and one of the 1st things was to model for these pics,” stated Kira Lynn, who also could be seen banging at 40Something. “Women my age aren’t supposed to do this sort… Read Article →

  The way things fiddle out in these pictures, Elle Denay is a warehouse manager who captures one of her workers goofing off. She threatens to flame him but offers him the chance to bang her and avoid being fired. And not just does the deadbeat bang her mouth and cunt right there in the… Read Article →

Jarred has a problem. He’s been rang into the office of his chief’s housewife, and even though she is a gorgeous, tight-bodied busty black MILF, and even though he’s had his eyes on her ever since he started working at the fellowship, he’s in trouble. “I hate to have these kinda conversations, but I had… Read Article →

“I celebrated my 40th anniversary by having a threesome,” stated Blake James, a doubly-divorced, sexed-up hair stylist from Arizona who simply can not get enough dick or cunt. “she is 28. He’s 27. Dinner, cocktails, and then we attended the xxx vibrator shop and bought a double-dong. And then we screwed!” There’s cunt and then… Read Article →

When it comes to sexual fantasies, Becca Rose‘s bucket list is simply about empty. “I have lived them all,” she told. “When I masturbate, I recall pics from my past encounters. I’m more into fulfilling the fantasies of others than pursuing my personal.” But there was one fantasy she hadn’t lived out until now. A… Read Article →

As part of her exploration of the sexual world, 50 plus milfs Trinity Powers – swinger, exhibitionist, hooker, now porn star–takes a creampie in her 1st on-film hardcore episode.”I’ve explored behind the episodes in nudism, in the swing trend and the brothels,” Trinity stated. “I’m going to become a stripper for a whilst, then I’m… Read Article →

  Gillian Sloan is back at 40 Something Magazine and we’re really pleased and anxious to have her back for a good, potent screwing. She is one lustful bit of ass. “Gillian Sloan is one of the most jackable women I have seen here and that includes Blake James!” stated F.L., a long time 40SomethingMag… Read Article →

Here’s one that somehow got sank in our archives: a never-before-seen picture set of sexy milf Honey Ray when she was 53 yrs old and a brunette. Ah, the more things switch, the more they stop the same. Whatever that means. These days, Honey Ray, now a 55-year-old blonde, could be seen sharing cock in… Read Article →

  There are many sides of mature women, which is one of the reasons we luv them. They can not be pigeonholed (although they could be banged in their bang holes). One day, they might be banging and sucking a ebony bloke with a lenghty, heavy penis, as Luna did in the premiere issue of… Read Article →

  It’s encore time for Elle Denay, a 51-year-old bar manager from Austin, Texas, who was one of our original MILFs here on 50 plus milfs. The 1st time, Elle played a nursemaid and got drilled in her sweet ass. This time, Elle is an office worker who seduces her co-worker and takes his large,… Read Article →

  Blake James is a 40-year-old hair stylist from Arizona, and you know what they state about hair stylists’don’t you? That they’re sizzling. That they’re hot. That they luv to finger their bodies up against you whilst they’re doing your hair and give you a strong-on because they know it’ll keep you coming back. Yeah,… Read Article →

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