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  “Not long ago I got divorced and settled into a new way of life, I picked out I’d do whatever I please, and one of the 1st things was to model for these pics,” stated Kira Lynn, who also could be seen banging at 40Something. “Women my age aren’t supposed to do this sort… Read Article →

When it comes to sexual fantasies, Becca Rose‘s bucket list is simply about empty. “I have lived them all,” she told. “When I masturbate, I recall pics from my past encounters. I’m more into fulfilling the fantasies of others than pursuing my personal.” But there was one fantasy she hadn’t lived out until now. A… Read Article →

“I did not know everything about sex before I moved to the United States with my new hubby,” told Rose, who was born in China. Saying she was sexually repressed would be a major understatement. Her hubby said to us, “Rose had never had an orgasm until she came to the U.S. She guessed orgasms… Read Article →

Becca Rose is an exotic looker who’s done her 1st MILF-sex episodes for 40 Something Magazine. She is one of the uncommon Asian ladies to penetrate for 40something. At 48 yrs-old, Becca has lived a really sexually adventuress life, and whilst her hubby has filmed her many times in private, she is never modeled like… Read Article →

Ah, so it’s the ol’ “MILF picks up the bag boy at the store and takes him flat and drills him” trick! Ladies, whenever you’re not at least half as stunning as Kayla Ann, don’t try this at your local shop. You watch, a lady has to have sureness (and a body, and the skills)… Read Article →

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