In the ass, Jasmine? truly? In the ass? And a sloppy load of sperm all over your face? For real? The lady who when we 1st contacted her stated, “I have done a few pics, boudoir and lustful posing, but not fully naked like this”? Yep, for real. Jasmine Fields, a 52-year-old divorcee who… Read Article →

Mature mommy tit licking

  The way things fiddle out in these pictures, Elle Denay is a warehouse manager who captures one of her workers goofing off. She threatens to flame him but offers him the chance to bang her and avoid being fired. And not just does the deadbeat bang her mouth and cunt right there in the… Read Article →

Stunning black milf Diamond

Jarred has a problem. He’s been rang into the office of his chief’s housewife, and even though she is a gorgeous, tight-bodied busty black MILF, and even though he’s had his eyes on her ever since he started working at the fellowship, he’s in trouble. “I hate to have these kinda conversations, but I had… Read Article →

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  “My lover and I were taking pics one day, and we were simply clowning around,” told 53-year-old Jackie Pierson, explaining how a nice chick like her ended up at a website like this. “We were in bathing suits, and she told, ‘Let’s try some naughty poses,’ so it started with that. And then she… Read Article →


  Here’s the deal: We invite two beautiful, luscious MILFs to our studio. One of them is Honey Ray. she is 55, wedded, works as an executive secretary and has made four previous appearances at 50plusmilfs.com. she is a deary among members. The other is Robin Pachino. she is also 55, but she is divorced… Read Article →

Inside Jade

Jade loves masturbating as much as the next divorcee/swinger but says she does not sex toy or finger much since she added posing to her sex life. “I luv to masturbate but now that I have sex so often, I find that I don’t have the extra time for it!” A 44 year-old Floridian (Miami… Read Article →


It’s showtime for Carolyn Khols, our 55-year-old flight attendant. Her 1st boy-chick video. Her partner is Juan Largo, the dude who seduced her into doing a shot in the 1st site. Smooth talking, Juan. Way to go!“I heard you saying you weren’t wearing any lingerie,” Juan tells her when he walks in. Juan unlatches her… Read Article →

Cristy gets a facial

In this video, we watch what comes about when you’re a bloke who’s fortunate enough to encounter a beautiful housewife with a generous hubby. The hubby is hardly a cuckold; he loves the idea that his housewife is getting young dong. And the housewife is hardly a whore or a tramp. she is simply doing… Read Article →

Busty milf Blake James

“I celebrated my 40th anniversary by having a threesome,” stated Blake James, a doubly-divorced, sexed-up hair stylist from Arizona who simply can not get enough dick or cunt. “she is 28. He’s 27. Dinner, cocktails, and then we attended the xxx vibrator shop and bought a double-dong. And then we screwed!” There’s cunt and then… Read Article →

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Angelique Foxx, one of the sluttiest looking ladies we’ve ever featured on this website, returns to get drilled in her ass at one time again. This time, she gets screwed harder, deeper, and her snatch seems to be gaping a small more. “I’ve been banging a lot since the last time,” stated Angelique, who turns… Read Article →

Asian milf Becca Rose

When it comes to sexual fantasies, Becca Rose‘s bucket list is simply about empty. “I have lived them all,” she told. “When I masturbate, I recall pics from my past encounters. I’m more into fulfilling the fantasies of others than pursuing my personal.” But there was one fantasy she hadn’t lived out until now. A… Read Article →

For Starters, How About A Creampie?

As part of her exploration of the sexual world, 50 plus milfs Trinity Powers – swinger, exhibitionist, hooker, now porn star–takes a creampie in her 1st on-film hardcore episode.”I’ve explored behind the episodes in nudism, in the swing trend and the brothels,” Trinity stated. “I’m going to become a stripper for a whilst, then I’m… Read Article →

Gillian Sloan - interracial milf sex

  Gillian Sloan is back at 40 Something Magazine and we’re really pleased and anxious to have her back for a good, potent screwing. She is one lustful bit of ass. “Gillian Sloan is one of the most jackable women I have seen here and that includes Blake James!” stated F.L., a long time 40SomethingMag… Read Article →

Getting to know Ginny May

We’ve seen her images. Now let’s get to know Ginny May Rivers, a 40-year-old nursemaid from Vancouver, Washington, who’s here in our studio with the blessing of her fianc, an airline pilot. Ginny‘s wearing a red, watch-through robe that her nice-sized juggs poke through, but try to focus your attention on what she is saying…. Read Article →


  Las Vegas is Sin town, so it shouldn’t surprise anybody that its school teachers take it up the ass. Of course, school teachers everywhere take it up the ass. They simply don’t brag about it or do it on film like Riley Wayne, a 59-year-old teacher from Vegas who takes a deep dicking in… Read Article →


  Opal Reins, a real-life belly dancer from Idaho, of all locations (you don’t think of Idaho as a site that breeds belly dancers) makes her 40-Something-Magazine debut by belly teasing, then meat stick-sucking, then screwing. she is 49 yrs old (she’ll turn 50 in July 2011) with a super-tight, super-limber body that had our… Read Article →


Here’s one that somehow got sank in our archives: a never-before-seen picture set of sexy milf Honey Ray when she was 53 yrs old and a brunette. Ah, the more things switch, the more they stop the same. Whatever that means. These days, Honey Ray, now a 55-year-old blonde, could be seen sharing cock in… Read Article →

Shannon Gets Horny Before Our Very Eyes

  Last time Shannon West was here, she played a teacher who got a creampie from a naughty student. “We were learning about the female anatomy,” she says. “I had to aid him out. I screwed him.” And he helped this hot, 51-year-old divorcee to a cuntful of goo. This time, Shannon isn’t going to… Read Article →

Anal Shrink

So small Ivan’s mother and father have sent him to the shrink. “They sent me here because I can not stop recalling my professor and striking on her,” he says. “Is that all?” says Jasmine Fields, who encounters to be the sort of lady Ivan can not stop recalling: 52 yrs old. Divorced. horny. hot…. Read Article →


  There are many sides of mature women, which is one of the reasons we luv them. They can not be pigeonholed (although they could be banged in their bang holes). One day, they might be banging and sucking a ebony bloke with a lenghty, heavy penis, as Luna did in the premiere issue of… Read Article →

A Creampie For The New Girl

Divorced for 17 yrs, Jackie Pierson had been busy by her occupation when one day, she picked out to stop being a workaholic and start enjoying life. “I’m kinda starting a entire new life,” Jackie stated. And that entire new life begins right here, with this video, in which Jackie not just does her 1st… Read Article →

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