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  Opal Reins, a real-life belly dancer from Idaho, of all locations (you don’t think of Idaho as a site that breeds belly dancers) makes her 40-Something-Magazine debut by belly teasing, then meat stick-sucking, then screwing. she is 49 yrs old (she’ll turn 50 in July 2011) with a super-tight, super-limber body that had our… Read Article →

When, at the start of this shot, Opal Reins, says, “I’m here to do my 1st anal penetration shot,” we imagined whether it was the 1st time she’d ever been drilled in her ass or the 1st time she’d ever been drilled in her ass on-film. We get the answer later on, later on Opal… Read Article →

In her 1st shot for 40-Something-Magazine, Opal Reins, a 49-year-old tease teacher who lives in Colorado, gets the cream-pie treatment. But 1st, she gives her dude a belly tease (she is a real-life belly dancer) whilst wearing super-horny bra and knickers, then she gets on top of him and lap-dances him (she is not a… Read Article →

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