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  “The 1st time I had sex, it was New Year’s Eve in a treehouse,” stated Blair Sanders, a 49-year old divorcee who was born in New York and now lives in north Miami. “The second time I had sex? Don’t remember. But I’ll always remember this. I’ve been wanting to do it for a… Read Article →

  Ruthie Hays, a 47-year-old part-time housewife, complete-time hoe from Iowa returns for secs, and this time, she is getting Enzo’s large dong deep in her hoe asshole. Although Ruthie is 5’9″, she weighs less than 135 bangs, and Enzo’s dong looks absolutely large in her hands, mouth, cunt and ass. Anyway, this time, Ruthie… Read Article →

  Misty Gold recently celebrated her 51st anniversary–her 1st post-divorce anniversary–and by the looks of things, divorced life is suiting her fine. Misty, a total amateur from northern California, has returned to screw on film for just the second time in her life, and this time, she is getting a facial. “I luv facials,” she… Read Article →

Real – estate saleswoman Ophelia Vixxxen is exposing a home to a prospective buyer. They head to a sleeping room where Ophelia, sitting on the bed, comes on heavy to the customer. He apologizes for looking at her cleavage, which is exposed by a blouse unbuttoned below the nipple line . What’s he supposed to… Read Article →

  There’s a good reason Pepper Payne chose to take the plunge and model for 40Something. “I’m an exhibitionist,” she told. “I luv being watched.” you are able to watch Pepper here, then you are able to watch her making her 1st hardcore episode and getting ass-screwed in the new DVD penetrate My Old Ass… Read Article →

As we’ve stated before, Elle Denay, a 51-year-old bar manager from Austin, Texas, could come across as a piece timid and reserved. whenever you contacted Elle and did not know any finer, you’d never guess that she formerly had a five-way with four other guys and has done things such as, for example, drill a… Read Article →

40SOMETHING: Hi, Carolyn. Welcome to 40Something. It’s awesome to have you here. Now, don’t drop a shoe at me, but I’m going to ask you the question women hate: How old are you? CAROLYN: I’m 55 yrs old, and I’m proud of my age. 40SOMETHING: You look stunning. You’re beautiful. assure us a small piece… Read Article →

Two men are hanging out. Doing nada. Complaining about their girlfriends. speak about a couple of deadbeats! And not just that, their rent is late! Jackasses!Fortunately, the landlord is 51-year-old Elle Denay, who shows up at their door with a smile on her face. But she does not look like she is clothed to get… Read Article →

And now, the huge event. We’ve been waiting all week for this: Carrie Romano, 55-year-old amateur, swinger, nudist, financial services professional, self-proclaimed “conservative” lady sucking and drilling on film first time in her life.”I’m really horny,” Carrie told. So are we, and as you’re about to watch in this video, Carrie loves being watched. By… Read Article →

In her debut 40 Something screw-and-take in shot, Tori Baker, 47, is working in a lingerie supermarket, clothed in a short skirt, stockings and a naughty purple top that displays plenty of cleavage. In the background, some sleazy pervert is making trust he’s shopping for lingerie for his fiance, even though he does not truly… Read Article →

“This is a wonderful bar,” Robin says as she and her new bosom buddy (drill buddy, that’s) Honey Ray sit at a bar, clothed in juicy clothes, sipping drinks. Honey Ray agrees, it is a wonderful bar, and both ladies like it greater when two young men approach them. Robin isn’t much for little speak…. Read Article →

Bored housewives…aren’t they the finest? Cristy Lynn is sitting at house, talking on the phone, wearing simply a bra and underpants because the kids are away at camp and her hombre is working late. she is doing her nails, and she tells whomever she is talking to on the phone that she is restless. She… Read Article →

As Ciara was shooting these images and sitting down for this interview, her hubby was back flat in Atlanta, Georgia, wondering what his housewife was doing, knowing she was doing something most wives don’t do…and that she was enjoying it. Because Ciara, who simply turned 50, has wanted to do this for a lenghty time,… Read Article →

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