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For yrs, Bea Cummins was stuck in a bad wedding and had a lousy sex life. Now in her late 60s, Bea is remarried to a dude who allows her the sexual freedom she always longed for. Her cunt has come alive, and she is getting more penis than ever. No surprise, there. Bea, who… Read Article →

Perhaps you remember the old days of women’s professional wrestling, when ladies like The Fabulous Moolah ruled the ring. Yeah, they could execute a complete-nelson and a physique-four leglock, but they weren’t exactly inspiring any kinda sleeping room fantasies among male devotees. These days, female professional wrestlers are sizzling. But few are like Shelly “The… Read Article →

We’ve told it before, we’’ll state it again: Real-estate saleswomen are aroused. They’ll use their boobs, pussies and any sexual attribute they have to sell or rent a residence or flat. They might not always let you penetrate them, but they’ll unqestionably give you the idea that they’ll let you penetrate them. But here’s the… Read Article →

It’s “Bring Your Employee house For Dinner nighttime” at the east household, but Jodi West hasn’t prepared everything for dinner. What she has done, nonetheless, is dress up her tight, luscious 46-year-old body in a short, revealing red dress (paired with matching drill-me pumps). “Hi, honey, we’re house,” Mr. east, Jodi‘s real-life hubby, says. “I… Read Article →

About a month ago, Carolyn Khols, a 55-year-old flight attendant from Miami, walked into our studio, nervous as could be, for her 1st professional naked pic shoot. really, her 1st naked pic shoot of any kind. She was here to shoot a solo pictorial, something we generally don’t do with MILFs because we want them… Read Article →

Tracy Tello, a 50-year-old divorcee from Cleveland, Ohio, returns for an ass-drilling in her 40 Something Magazine encore. Our fellow Sergio truly gives Tracy‘s asshole a working over. Check out flick no. 42, in which his meat stick seems to be turning Tracy‘s asshole within-out. No wonder Tracy‘s spreading her vagina to ease the pressure…. Read Article →

In her 1st shot for 40-Something-Magazine, Opal Reins, a 49-year-old tease teacher who lives in Colorado, gets the cream-pie treatment. But 1st, she gives her dude a belly tease (she is a real-life belly dancer) whilst wearing super-horny bra and knickers, then she gets on top of him and lap-dances him (she is not a… Read Article →

This could be a occupation interview. later on all, Elle Denay is clothed classy and conservatively like she could be out on a occupation interview. She looks zero alike porn star, which is part of her appeal. she is the lady-next-door, the woman you’d never expect to screw on film…but here she is! Even the… Read Article →

When this shot opens, Misty Gold, a 51-year-old divorcee and accountant from northern California, is wearing a short, tight blue dress. She sits down on a couch and spreads her legs, and we could watch that she is wearing sheer pantyhose. She reaches down into her pantyhose and plays with her cunt.”I want you to… Read Article →

Ciara, a housewife and country club member from Atlanta, Georgia, isn’t generally a lady of few words, but in this video, she does not tell much. She simply moans a lot and engages in some penetrate speak. Clearly, she is enjoying herself, and clearly, she is into it, simply as the jizz shot gets into… Read Article →

Jeri lives in a little city in rural north Carolina. It’s a conservative city where everybody knows everybody else’s business, families go to church on Sunday morning and people live by a really strict moral code. In other words, it’s a city that can not contain a lady like Jeri, whose sexuality is always out… Read Article →

Carrie Romano, a 55-year-old MILF from Florida, Miami, describes herself as “conservative.” And, yet, when this interview opens, this brand-new newcomer-a total amateur by any measure-is sitting on a couch, stockinged-legs crossed, jugs out. And we mean out! Her huge, potent jugs are pointing right at you, and Carrie seems to be totally comfortable with… Read Article →

Bella Ricardo, a horny 40something Latina who was born in Puerto Rico and now lives in Miami, makes her 40Something debut by making with J-Mac’s huge dong. she is a small one at simply 5’2″ tall, but she handles everything J-Mac could give her, including his balls and dong in her mouth during a face-screwing,… Read Article →

Some of you boys have told for more setup and scenario in our movies. No setup here. No scenario, either. simply a shaft-starved 52-year-old divorcee named Daisy Lou who, for the 1st seven mins of this shot, tries her hardest to get as much of Juan’s cock into her mouth as possible. She licks it,… Read Article →

Let’s get to know Dixie Reynolds, a turned on housewife from Detroit, Michigan. The 1st thing you will probably notice (later on you get past her horny outfit) is Dixie‘s horny northern accent. It’s not a Michigan accent. Dixie was born in a really little city in Alabama, a city where proper women did not… Read Article →

She’s from Las Vegas. she is divorced. she is a teacher. And she is a swinger. And now, she is a drill star. Riley Wayne, 59, isn’t a walking contradiction. It’s simply that a lady has to make a dollar. whenever Riley had her way, she’d be banging for a living. she is one of… Read Article →

Becca Rose is an exotic looker who’s done her 1st MILF-sex episodes for 40 Something Magazine. She is one of the uncommon Asian ladies to penetrate for 40something. At 48 yrs-old, Becca has lived a really sexually adventuress life, and whilst her hubby has filmed her many times in private, she is never modeled like… Read Article →

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