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Lydia South, a formerly-divorced, now-hooked up 50-year-old from Houston, Texas, makes her debut at 50-plus milfs, and that won’t come as a surprise to her four children. “No, because they all know I’m here today,” Lydia stated. “I really use my daughters as a sounding board for ideas.” Now, that might sound a small unusual… Read Article →

Cristy Lynn is 40 and from Key east, Miami. She says she is involved in an “open relationship,” which we’re going to have to interpret as, “We penetrate whoever we please, whenever we please.” She does not like to wear knickers, and when she does, they’re petite G-strings. told what kinda men she loves, she… Read Article →

It’s not easy paying attention in class when the teacher is a sexy 50 plus MILF like Shannon West, and the subject she is teaching is sex education. ah, sure, your eyes are always on the teacher-how could they not be?–but you’re not listening to what she is saying. You’re imagining how nice it would… Read Article →

“My ex-hubby would be really pissed whenever he saw these pictures,” stated Dallas, a tall blonde who’s making her 40Something debut. “He used to be truly against porn mags. He would not even market in stores that sold them. think about whenever he saw that his ex-housewife not just liked them, she was in one,… Read Article →

When this video opens, Carrie Romano in black stockings who turned 56 simply the other day, is fingering her body. she is obviously aroused and obviously a small oblivious to the film.”I can not wait to have a ebony dong,” Carrie moans. “firm, ebony dong. It’s been so lenghty. I luv interracial. I’m going to… Read Article →

She’s 46 yrs old. she is tiny at 5’4″, 114 bangs. could Catherine manage Lucas Stone’s large, fat dong? could her mouth accommodate his flesh? could her tight, fat-lipped snatch take a screwing from a tool that size? “unqestionably,” Catherine told, tonguing her lips when Lucas took out his cock. “Every inch of it.” And… Read Article →

Lucy Holland, an office manager from rural Georgia, simply turned 50 on September 9, 2010. We missed her anniversary–hey, you know how men are with women’s birthdays–but when we realized the large day had passed, we phoned her up, flew her into our studio and gave her a belated anniversary present. Two presents, really. Lucas… Read Article →

One time, sexy blonde milf Sindy hosted a swingers party and just males emerged. Of course, just males were invited. “It turned into my 1st group drill,” she stated. “But not my last.” That’s not a wish. It’s a fact, and Sindy is planning on a future with many more group screws. “Part of the… Read Article →

Carolyn Khols, a 55-year-old flight attendant who was born in New York and now lives in north Miami, gets in front of the video film first time in her life for an in-depth interview. Now, when you hear her, Carolyn might sound a small nervous. That’s because she is. “This is the 1st time I’ve… Read Article →

Ah, so it’s the ol’ “MILF picks up the bag boy at the store and takes him flat and drills him” trick! Ladies, whenever you’re not at least half as stunning as Kayla Ann, don’t try this at your local shop. You watch, a lady has to have sureness (and a body, and the skills)… Read Article →

When 50 plus milf Riley Wayne is out in public, she wears “as small as I could get away with.” Since she is a teacher and might run into her students and her students’ mom and dad, that’s a piece risky, but a lady like Riley…well, her sexuality trumps everything.”Give me a call,” she says… Read Article →

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