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When people think of the phrase “mid-eastern housewife,” they generally don’t imagine women like Ruthie Hays. You watch, mid-eastern housewives do go shopping at Wal-Mart. But most of them don’t pick up strangers they meet whilst shopping and bang them in the family restroom. A mid-eastern housewife might, simply formerly in her life, have the… Read Article →

Divorce is the MILF fan’s biggest ally. Without a stale wedding and a subsequent divorce, sexy milf Connie McCoy would not be getting her mouth, cunt and asshole filled with a thrusting BBC right now. This is her 1st ebony dude. “I had anal sex in grad school and I haven’t had it since, so… Read Article →

Suz, a 50-year-old housewife, swinger and xxx video supermarket owner from rural Georgia, loves some ebony shaft in her 40-Something-Magazine encore. Notice that Suz keeps her glasses on for the whole episode. “I think it’s seductive when women wear glasses,” she told. “A lot of guys ask me to keep my glasses on when they… Read Article →

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