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You know the expression that a individual does not know what they are truly capable of until they as a matter of fact try? Divorcee Robyn, a 44-year-old Brit, learned what she could truly do, just it took a hubby with a taste for younger women for her to learn that lesson. “Adam took cash… Read Article →

“I like to get freaky,” stated Trisha Lynne, a 45-year-old secretary from upstate New York who’s getting freaky right off the bat in her 40 SOMETHING debut. Here she’s, screwing and sucking as naturally as she might…take dictation? Do secretaries however do that? Or do they hardly drill and move their chiefs? Trisha Lynne, who… Read Article →

whenever you’ve viewed the images of Semmie doing pushups whereas sucking penis–and even whenever you haven’t–you’re in for a real treat once you watch the movie version. 1st, Semmie does pushups whereas entirely unclothed. “I have the ability to do this all day,” she says. only then our interviewer asks Semmie whenever She has the… Read Article →

In this pictorial, her third appearance in 40Something, Demi Delia is, literally, smoking. Of course, she has one from the smokingest bodies to ever appear in this mag, and this time, she guessed she’d give something to all the boys away in that location with a smoking fetish. A lot has been going on in… Read Article →

Note to guys everywhere: whenever your lustful housewife is flat only, seating around waiting for you and all put up up in lustful lingerie, aching to have her snatch shoved with dick, don’t STAND HER UP. don’t CALL HER WITH SOME BULLSHIT EXCUSE just about WORKING LATE. particularly whenever she is a passionate-blooded Latina like… Read Article →

in that location’s a look a lady gets in her eyes while she is very enjoying a shaft. it is that dreamy look that tells you, “This shaft is something exceptional. it is doing affairs to her that she hasn’t had done to her in years.” Caelea has that look on her face in these… Read Article →

Erica is a mom. she is a lady of the house. she is a part-time executive assistant. And, since she 1st looked in 40Something, she is turn a sperm-passionate, ass-screwed porn star. “My hubby and I are swingers, therefore I always acknowledged I loved tolerating sex although people watched,” Erica stated. “just over the past… Read Article →

Karen is sick in bed. She has the ability to hardly tease. She feels AWFUL! Her hubby, who’s already late to work, wants to aid her as much as He has the ability to, perhaps give her a little lovesome lovesome care, only all she wants is to be left only. Or therefore he thinks…. Read Article →

Kelly Alston, a 50-year-old divorcee from Raleigh, south Carolina, works in medicine, not in porn, thus she is not a porn star. just in face and body-type (shaved snatch, as well), she reminds us a lot of uber-40something porn star Kelly Leigh. The breasts, the ass, the snatch, are all reminiscent of Ms. Leigh. just… Read Article →

For her 1st appearance, Karen Kougar, a 46-year-old wedded swinger from Kingston, New York, is going to take a strong meat stick in her ass in a variety of positions. “I like anal sex, thus how come not?” Karen told. how come not, indeed? Karen has “sex” written all over her, and at the end… Read Article →

We’ve watched Erica Lauren, a 54-year-old from Los Angeles, California. just this is the 1st time we’re seeing her with a dong in her mouth, snatch and, yup, her ass. This devoted housewife and mother has gone the porn-star road! “I have sex nearly every day, either with my hubby, a couple we ran across… Read Article →

Chennin Blanc, a 40-year-old lady of the house from northern California, does not have a lot of favorite spare-time activities. “I love to depart to the beach,” stated Chennin, who sunbathes topless. “I love to pound. I love to take in shaft. I love to get penetrated in my ass.” Hey, that’s four favorite spare-time… Read Article →

it is Jamy Nova‘s anniversary, and her asshole hubby has forgotten it for the second straight year. thus in that location she’s, seating in bed wearing some luscious, watch-through lingerie, and in that location he is, belly sticking away, snoring his face off. “He has the ability to’t even get it up anymore,” Jamy complains… Read Article →

Here’s our 1st look at Babette, a 47-year-old bartender who was born in New York and right away lives in north Miami. We’ve always though female bartenders were turned on, and right away we know for certain. For the record, Babette is 5’7″, 138 drills with 39-part hips. She says her kinkiest sexual encounter was… Read Article →

In this movie, the 1st thing we watch is Arowyn White. she is wearing a robe and letting her hair downwards. “I’m going to expose you the pound of your life, men,” she tells us as she flashes her massive jugs. “ah, and guess what? I’m going to get screwed in the ass tonight!” Throughout… Read Article →

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