Kali Karinena – The yoga instructor isn’t wearing panties!


What’s going on here? Well, newcomer Kali Karinena is a yoga instructor, and she isn’t wearing panties under her sheer tights. So when she bends over, Rocky, her young guy, gets a view of her pussy that he can’t trust. He does a double-take, and whaddya know? Yep, Kali isn’t wearing any panties, and that is her stripped hole!

Of course, Kali notices the reaction in Rocky’s pants. Hey, yoga practice can come later. The way Kali sees it, why waste a perfectly good erection? So they screw right there in the studio, and Kali shows off her incredible flexibility during the banging action, and when it’s all over, Kali has Rocky’s jizz all over her face.

And that’s the story of Kali’s First time fucking on-camera.

Kali is 44 years old. She is hooked up. She was born in Chicago and now lives in Southern California. She really is into yoga, and that’s how she keeps in such wonderful shape, but when we asked her about her hobbies, she said, “Sex is my hobby.” And she really doesn’t wear panties.

“Why bother?” she said. “They just get in the way and slow things down.”

Kali is a short-haired, brunette beauty with a fantastic face and a great body. She and her husband are swingers; have been since the day they contacted. And she is into anal sex, which is a story for another day.

Yes, there will be another day. You didn’t think Kali would screw and run, did you?