52-year-old Karen DeVille In Corest And Stockings

Karen DeVille in corset and stockings

Here’s Karen DeVille, a 52-year-old wife from Wilmington, Delaware who seemed in the May 2008 issue of 40Something and asked us, “When my husband 1st suggested that I pose for 40Something, I seemed at him like he was crazy. But then I guessed, ‘Karen you’re the lady who gets off on having sex in public places.'”

Karen did not have sex for us back then, but she did pose for some scorchingly adorable solo photos in which she showed off her lustful breasts and flawless ass (she has one of the nicest mature butt we’ve ever seen). But when Karen, now 52, returned to our studio recently, she went all the way. Here, you get Karen’s body all to yourself.

40SOMETHING: Having sex in our studio ranks where on the list of the wildest things you’ve ever done?
KAREN: This is one of the wildest things. It’s top three. No question…